Customising your teacher and learner avatars

A lesson is designed as a conversation between a teacher and a learner (you can see a screenshot of an example lesson below)

You'll notice that the teacher and learner characters have default avatars that look like this:

It is possible to customise these avatars and add your own images. You may want to create characters like the ones seen here or you may even want to use photographs of your team members. It's entirely up to you!

To change the default teacher and learner avatar for a course follow the steps below

Step 1: Open your course settings

First you'll need to open your course in the Course Builder and press on the settings button (the green button with the white cog) in the top right of the screen:

You should see the course settings open in the right hand menu.

Press on the  Advanced settings button and you'll see an options for Teacher avatar and Learner avatar

Step 2: Upload your avatar images

Press on the green Upload new image text to upload an image for your teacher and learner. Here you can upload a .png, jpg or .jpeg image file. Remember that your user will see this image as a small thumbnail so we recommend you use something that can still be visible at a small scale!

Once you've uploaded your images you will see them appear in the small circles. You then need to press the Save changes button. This will automatically update the avatars in your course lessons (you don't need to re-publish your course to see the changes).

Need help creating your own custom avatars? Check out this free online Avataaars Generator or download a Sketch file of free avatars.

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