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What are user groups?

You can think of user groups as a way of tagging your users. Typically customers use user groups to denote different roles or segments within an organisation. These user group tags are used in two key ways

1. To control which groups can access which content

You can assign courses and resources to individual user groups which means only users in those groups can access that content. This means you can create different learning experiences for different types of users in your organisation

2. To filter your user data

You can filter all of your analytics data by user group. This means you could, for example, compare quiz scores in one user group with another user group

User groups are designed to be flexible to fit your organisation structure. Some organisations have only one or two user groups, some have hundreds!

Here is a simple set of user groups to show how they can map to different roles, levels and regions within an organisation:

  • Training leads
  • Level 1 agents - Kenya
  • Level 1 agents - Uganda
  • Level 2 agents - Kenya
  • Level 2 agents - Uganda

Step 1: Navigate to the User groups page

Press on the Users menu on the lefthand side and then select User groups

Step 2: Press on the Create user group button

Press on the green Create user group button at the top right of the page

Step 3: Enter your user group information

You will be prompted to create a name and description for your user group. This information will only be visible to users of the dashboard - it won't be exposed to your learners. You can also edit this information at any time or delete your user group if you decide you no longer need it.

Example user group for internal team members:

You should now see your new user group listed in the table. The zeros in the table show that there are currently no users, courses or resources assigned to this user

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