Add your organisation's logo and branding

Step 1: Navigate to the Org settings page

Press on the Settings menu on the left hand side and then select Org settings

Step 2: Add your organisation's branding

From here you can add your organisation's logo, a cover image and brand colours. The mobile screen on the left gives you a preview of how this will look to your learners.

Note: Make sure your selected brand colours are not too light. As you can see on the mobile screen, these colours will be used for buttons. If you use very light colours then the buttons will not stand out and the text will not be very clear.

Once you're happy then press the Save customisation button. These changes will now be live on your web app. You can come back and change these settings at any time.

Step 3: View your updated app

Press on the See you app button to see the changes you've made

This will open your brand new web app

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