Create and publish your first course on

In this guide we'll show you how you can quickly create a course from a template and publish it to your new web app.

Step 1: Navigate to the Courses page

On the left hand side press on the Create menu to open the dropdown list and then press on Courses

Step 2: Press on the Create course button

Next press on the green Create course button at the top right of the page

Step 3: Select a template

Here you can see a list of course templates available on Hover over a course and press on the green plus sign to see more information about the course

You should see a window open like the one below with information about the course template. Press on the Select course button to select it.

Step 4: Customise your course

From here you can change your course title, the target learner, the course description, the language and the course image. You can change these settings at any time in the course settings menu so for now we will keep the default settings. Press on the Add course button to add it to your workspace.

Step 5: Edit your course

You will see that the new course has been added to your Courses page with the label "In Development". This means that your course has not yet been published and so will not be visible in your web app. 

Hover over the course and press on the pencil button to open the Course Editor

In this menu you can edit your course modules, lessons and quizzes.

Step 6: Press on the publish button

Once you are in the Course Builder view you just need to press on the Publish button at the top right:

If the publish button is white rather than green then it means that you have incomplete sections of your course. This typically means stages where you haven't created enough quiz questions. You should see these highlighted in red and you'll need to either complete or delete these to be able to publish the course.

Step 7: Select your publish settings

Once you've pressed on the publish button you'll see a window open like the one below:

You have 3 settings you can change when publishing your course:

1. Baseline quizzes

Baseline quizzes are a way for you to test what your learner already knows before they start a lesson. If you switch baseline quizzes on then you'll see that a short quiz to "Test your knowledge" will be added to the beginning of every stage of your course.

2. Challenges

Challenges are automatically generated quiz games to refresh your learners' knowledge. If you switch challenges on then you'll see that they are inserted after every 2 modules in your course. These challenges will randomly select questions from those previous two modules and your learner will need to get a certain amount right within the time to pass to the next stage.

If you have created only one module in your course then the challenges switch will be disabled, you need at least 2 modules to switch them on.

3. User groups

The user groups setting refers to which user groups are able to access your course. The default setting is "Registered". This means that all registered users will be able to access the course. If you want to restrict access to certain groups then you can select only those groups from the dropdown menu.

Step 8: Press the Publish course button

Press on the Publish course button and you'll see a loading spinner while you wait for the course to be published. Once it's ready you'll see a popup window with a link to your published course. Your changes should take effect immediately and you'll be able to see them by pressing on the link

You can press on the View button to open your app and see your brand new course!

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