Customising your course certificates

At the end of each course your learner will receive a certificate with their name, the course title and the date the course was completed. The default certificate looks like the one below.

We've designed the certificate to be in portrait mode to match the rest of the learning experience. You may also notice that the file is an A4 sized PDF which means that you or your learners have the ability to print them on paper.

The certificate is actually made up of a background image with the black text superimposed on top. This is what the default certificate image looks like without the added text:

It's possible for you to change this background image for an image you create. This means you can create your own entirely customised certificates. There are just a few things you need to remember:

  • Your background image needs to be A4 in size otherwise it won't fit the certificate properly
  • You can add logos, signatures, borders etc. but don't put any images in the middle of the page. Your certificate text (i.e. the learner's name and course) will be centred in the middle of the page and you don't want it to be overlapping an image
  • You can change the background colour but don't make it too dark or you won't be able to read the certificate text. We recommend either using a white background or a pale colour

Step 1: Create a certificate using our Canva template

To make this easier we've created a Canva template you can use to create your custom certificate. This template is automatically set to the right dimensions and shows you where to avoid putting any images or logos.

Press here to open the Canva template and check out the video below to learn how to use it:

Step 2: Add the custom certificate background to your course settings

Now you'll need to open your course in the Course Builder and press on the settings button in the top right of the screen:

You should see the course settings open in the right hand menu.

Press on the Advanced settings button and you'll see an option that says Certificate image. Here is where you can upload the image you have created.

Step 3: Preview your course certificate

Before you press on Save changes, first just check that your certificate looks as you expect. You can do this by pressing on the thumbnail of your certificate image. This will open a window like the one below:

Make sure that the text is not overlapping any of your images and that the sizing looks correct. 

Step 4: Save your changes

Once you're happy you can press on the Save changes button. 

These changes will take immediate effect but remember - this will only apply to new certificates generated. If some of your learners have already completed the course before you made this change then their certificates will be saved with the previous format.

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